Talking with Forethought leaders Deon Nicholas Founder/CEO and Dan Watkins President

September 11, 2020
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Forethought has been at the forefront of AI for customer support and has led the race towards automated assistance. Their main service, Agatha, has taken the market by storm and has changed the CX game. Today, I sat down with Deon Nicholas, Co-Founder and CEO of Forethought, and Dan Watkins, President of Forethought, to talk about how Forethought was inevitably going to form, where AI stands in the modern workplace, and why bonding with employees at home is extremely important. We also discuss the keys to success for a remote workplace/workforce and how executives need to protect their customers. Dan takes us through his “War-Time” mindset. 

Forethought is an artificial intelligence software company based out of San Francisco, CA that builds AI-powered tools that harness a company’s collective knowledge to empower customer support teams. They have created Agatha, an answer engine for enterprises, which searches a company’s knowledge bases to generate accurate solutions. 


Deon Nicholas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought. Prior to his time at Forethought, he was a Software Engineer at Pure Storage where he was part of the team that built FlashBlade, a distributed all-flash file-system. Before Pure Storage, he was a Software Engineer at Dropbox where he was an early member of the Collaboration Team and contributed to the Dropbox Badge. Dan Watkins is the President at Forethought where he directs management of go-to-market, talent, operations, and customer experience. Prior to his time at Forethought, Dan was the VP of Sales at Qualtrics where he had direct oversight and management of multiple organizations such as the Global Research Services and Global Training.