Talking with Anja Jamrozik-Otto PhD in cognitive science and researcher on people experience

July 20, 2020
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Understanding the psychology between how a company can interact and optimize the way customers interact with their product or service is a core component of customer experience. In this episode, Anja Jamrozik-Otto, who has a PHD in cognitive science, takes us through the science and methodology behind how customers interact with surveys, the way psychology plays a part in discovering personalities, and how certain experiences fostered her relationships and opinions with other companies. 

Anja Jamrozik-Otto is a research consultant where she leads long-term research projects and conducts and analyzes customer and market research for clients such as Well Living Lab, Delos, and Breather. Prior to her time as a research consultant, she was the Director of Research at Breather where she directed research to answer key business questions and standardized and automated collection customer feedback to use as structured datasets for analysis.