Talking to CMO of G2 Ryan Bonnicci - working remote, growing a brand, leading with customer experience

April 16, 2020
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Building and growing an extremely strong and sustainable marketing team is one of the keys to success when working remote. In this episode, Ryan Bonicci, the CMO of G2, and I discuss the collective marketing strategy that has helped grow a marketing team to over 60+ employees in less than 3 years, how G2 has stood out in the SaaS Spend Management Software field, and the future of customer experience. 

G2 is a business to business software and services review platform that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. G2 helps businesses discover, buy, and manage technology to accelerate their business or productivity. To do this, they have created a community of users to share real time reviews about technology so that businesses can buy technology in the same way that consumers buy products based on peer reviews. 

Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 where he brings extensive experience across B2B and B2C marketing and sales development to his marketing team. Prior to time at G2, he was on the Board of Directors at Bring Change to Mind and Woveon where he worked with the founding team and board to accelerate growth of their application. Ryan was most recently ranked #41 on Forbes World’s Most Influential CMOs.