Talking remote work and the modern workplace with Firstbase founder Chris Herd

March 1, 2020
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Firstbase is a tool made for companies looking to go more remote. As the founder, Chris has first-hand experience in working remotely, consulting with remote-first companies, and helping others navigate joining the remote journey. In this episode, we talk through the benefits and drawbacks of remote-first company and completely shifting to a remote working style. Chris touches on what the future of the modern workplace will look like based on current trends. 

Firstbase is a startup headquartered in the Greater New York Area that helps companies succeed by going to the office less often. Firstbase’s platform lets companies supply, finance, and manage all the physical equipment that their remote workers need in a safe, productive way. Some of their specific services in a monthly subscription include: IT installation, deployment of goods, and upgrades at the end of a product life cycle. 

Chris Herd is the Founder and CEO at Firstbase. Prior to his time at FirstBase, he founded Nexves, a platform that saves you money while letting you invest and earn more simultaneously through a bank account. He has also spent time at ICE UK ltd, OLIO, and Aiken Group Limited as a Project Engineer and Community Lead.