Talking CX with media guru and VP at iHeartMedia Vanessa Wojtusiak

February 14, 2020
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Content has evolved over the years and become a valuable piece of any brands value proposition. As a VP of Marketing for iHeartMedia, Vanessa Wojtusiak has seen the evolution of media first hand in her career. We talk through best practices for CX and what the future of experience looks like. She takes us through the importance of face to face meetings with local communities when creating a good customer experience. Social Media such as Twitter and Instagram has done a great deal for media giants like iHeartMedia. 

 iHeartMedia is a global company headquartered in San Antonio, TX that combines America’s favorite radio stations, podcasts, and music together in one mobile application so that people can take their music anywhere, anytime, and free of cost. 

 Vanessa Wojtusiak is the Vice President of Marketing at iHeartMedia. For more than half of her 17 year career, she built the entire social media strategy for iHeartRadio’s new brand. Prior to her time at iHeartRadio, she worked as a Marketing Assistant and Online Marketing Coordinator for Clear Channel Communications where she assisted the production of large-scale radio events.