Talking Customer Support with Ed Yealu - Support Lead at Hubspot

May 19, 2020
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Flipping detractors to loyal customers has been Hubspot’s M.O. for the past few years helping them turn into a thriving public company with over 5,000+ employees and 56,600+ customers. In this episode, I sat down with Customer Support Lead at Hubspot, Edmund Yealu, where he touches on the keys to attracting loyal customers, how Hubspot powers the remote workplace, and the importance of being well-versed in every single nuance of your product or service.

Hubspot is a software company headquartered in Cambridge, MA that uses marketing, sales, and service software to optimize and help your business grow without compromise. They focus on building strong company connections, careers, and employee growth by creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. 

Edmund Yealu is a Remote Customer Support Manager at Hubspot. Prior to his time at Hubspot, Edmund was a Technical Support Manager at Vimeo and Livestream where he managed a team of domestic and remote Technical Support agents and worked with Livestream Account Managers and the in-house production team to support live events.