Talking customer loyalty and remote work with Chris Koehler CMO of Box

September 9, 2020
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Taking beneficial strategies from one large company to another large company helps develop durable marketing teams and betters relationships within the company and with your customer. Today, I sat down with Chris Koehler, CMO at Box, to talk about how the modern workplace is affecting B2B companies the most, how we can leverage technology with the human layover on top, and how data analytics have powered sales support teams. He takes us through how Box went from a healthy office culture to a remote culture in one-week’s span and how video is the new normal for authentic connections. 

Box is a cloud content management company based out of Redwood City, CA that empowers enterprises to rethink how they work by securely connecting their people, information, and applications. They focus on protecting sensitive files in the cloud by developing advanced security controls, creating a network of collaboration by making sharing files a stress-free process, and simplifying the workflow by letting anyone automate the repeatable workflows that are key to businesses. 

Chris Koehler is the Chief Marketing Officer at Box. Prior to his time at Box, he was the Head to GTM and Product Marketing at Adobe where he drove digital innovation across the Adobe Portfolio. Before Adobe, he was the VP of Product Management at Visual Sciences in which he was responsible for their on-demand and software product lines.