Luke Williams Head of XM Experience at Qualtrics talks about what it takes to be a CX master

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Mastering the art of customer experience is a key skill that so few are able to perfect. Today, I sit down with Luke Williams, the Head of Customer Experience at Qualtrics, to talk about: where customer experience is going to be in 7 years, understand who people are and tailoring the experience towards them, and how Qualtrics is planning on transitioning from defense to offense when going back to work. 

Qualtrics is a computer software company based in Provo, UT and Seattle, WA that helps brands continually assess the quality of their four core experiences: customers, employees, products, and brands. Qualtrics has optimized their platform so that organizations can be at every meaningful touchpoint, for every experience, and predict which changes will resonate most with lead executives and owners. 

Luke Wiliams is an award-winning CX practitioner and Head of CX Strategy and Thought Leadership at Qualtrics. Prior to his time at Qualtrics, he was the Vice President and Global Leader of AECOM’s Client Care Program where he established a clear roadmap for progress, convened the firm’s first-ever Customer Experience Advisory Board, and installed an end-to-end global action system. Before AECOM, he worked as the Head of Research Methods and Consulting at Ipsos Loyalty where he detected and developed the Wallet Allocation Rule.