How can a focus on a community lead to strong CX? Guest Jordan Thibodeau, founder of the Silicon Valley Investors Club explains

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Real estate and investment banking during a financial crisis with the hopes of bringing the community together was once a moonshot. Now, Jordan Thibodeau has grown the Silicon Valley Investors Club to over 5000+ members. Today, I sat down with Jordan to discuss how a focus on a community led to a strong customer experience. He takes us through how developing a community breeds trust between members and he details how trust between members is an integral aspect for scaling your community.

The Silicon Valley Investors Club is a community of technology employees and students who are interested in making smarter financial and career decisions. The group provides a space to engage in discussion about real estate, stocks, angel investing, financial planning, and career success. 

Jordan Co-founded the Silicon Valley Investors Club and currently works as an HR professional on Google’s Mergers and Acquisitions team where he partners with lead executives and founders to develop and implement HR strategies. Prior to founding the Investors Club, Jordan was a Volunteer Mentor at Founders Space and the Stanford GSB where he taught classes about core business foundations and growth.