Guest Emilie Schario from GitLab on remote work and leadership

September 9, 2020
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GitLab has been the gold standard for remote work since its inception. As a leader at GitLab, Emilie Schario has learned the skills necessary to have success remotely and create the documentation and infrastructure to support growth. In this episode, Emilie and I sit down and talk about the benefits of asynchronous work, the acceleration of remote playbooks, and how GitLab integrates the digital and real workplace to form an effective company. 

GitLab is an information technology and services company based out of Tallinn, Estonia that provides software development for mission critical systems. They have developed a premium service optimized for long term relationships that translate to meaningful and sustainable technical and business outcomes. 

 Emilie Schario is an Internal Strategy Consultant at GitLab where she assists in the creation of Decision-Making Frameworks, identifies procedural gaps in existing workflows, and works to resolve them with optimization, automation, and data, and much more. Prior to her time at Gitlab, Emilie was a Data Analyst at Doist and SmileDirectClub where she aimed to introduce granular data capture to a data-informed organization by gathering, analyzing, and reporting relevant data, patterns, and trends.