CEO of Fellow App Aydin Mirzaee talking the modern workplace

January 16, 2020
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Rich talent at a company is key for growth and loyalty of your customer base. Today I chat with Fellow App CEO Aydin Mirzaee on how the modern workplace needs tools like Fellow and others to collaborate better and improve employee and customer retention. He stresses that understanding how each person works and discovering their strengths and weaknesses is something that each company has to put in to see success. 

Fellow App is a startup based in Ottawa, Canada that focuses on empowering managers to make work better for every employee and team lead. They have created a toolkit for managers to power their 1-on-1s, team meetings, and goals/priorities. Fellow App has developed a task manager for managers and employees to collaborate on and optimize the way they interact and plan meetings. 

 Aydin Mirzaree is the Co-founder and CEO at Fellow App. Prior to his time at Fellow App, he was the Co-founder and Co-CEO at Fluidware, a SaaS business with a strong, driven team of over 75 employees that was later acquired by SurveyMonkey. He is also currently the Host of Supermanagers Podcast.