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Learn How To Use CloudApp Like A Pro

‍From time to time we host webinars on both thought leadership pieces like remote work and around tips and tricks with real business use cases of CloudApp screen recording, GIF creation, and Screenshot features.

This past week we were able to have three great power users of CloudApp talk about how they use it daily in their roles.

Zeke Silva – Sr. Director of Client Services at Insightly

Jennifer Van Leeuwen – Principal Support Engineer at Atlassian

Seraphin Hochart – Product Manager at CloudApp.

These three long time users of CloudApp reviewed both their favorite feature of CloudApp as well as their primary use case within their role.


Insightly LOVES CloudApp’s Collections and Free Screen Recorder

Zeke Silva – Sr. Director of Client Services at Insightly – said that his favorite thing to play with for collaboration is collections. With Collections from CloudApp you are able to quickly organize your screen recorded videos, screenshots, and GIFs into accessible folders to share across teams.

Zeke shared how Insightly is using CloudApp collections to store frequently used videos for both internal and external use. As a leader of a client facing team, Zeke is focused on both speed and customer connection to keep loyalty of its products high.

You can see Zeke’s live demo of Collections during his portion of the webinar.
Zeke gets comments from customers daily about how their support team responds to questions with visuals produced using CloudApp.

  • Thank you so much for taking the extra step to create a meaningful and helpful video. Keep up the great work!
  • Responses were quick and the video tutorial was extremely helpful. Thank you again Alex!
  • I love the videos. They are super helpful and concise.
  • Jesus ended up creating a video for me and it helped tremendously! Appreciated his help.

They have also seen customer satisfaction rates increase since they started using it as a primary response tool.

Zeke shared some data. “We have increased our CSAT% and our 1-Touch % to an all time high


  • CSAT 91%
  • 1-Touch 47%
  • 1st Reply Time 1.47 hours


  • CSAT 95%
  • 1-Touch 51%
  • 1st Reply Time 1.23 hours

For Insightly, screen recorded videos for support (housed in collections) has become an irreplaceable part of their workflow. Their customers expect and almost demand it.


Atlassian LOVES CloudApp’s Screenshots, Screen Recordings, & Annotations

Jennifer Van Leeuwen from Atlassian raved about CloudApp’s quick and easy annotation feature. As Principal Support Engineer, she likes to address and resolve issues as simply and clearly as possible. She demonstrated this annotation feature and showed us all the power of visual communication.

Here, she showed quick use of annotations for illustrating a confusing user flow. Through two easy notes, she was able to resolve a common customer misunderstanding – and in a much concise way than a long email!
After demonstrating the capture and creation of a CloudApp screen annotation, Jennifer showed us how she immediately inserts that content in her communications. In this kindly worded support response, Jennifer was able to simply drag her content and drop in into the email — saving both her and her customer a lot of time!

You can see Jennifer’s live demo of screenshot and annotations during her portion of the webinar.

Even Power users like Jennifer learned in real-time, that CloudApp’s recent update also allows users to immediately begin a text annotation upon using the arrow button. She was understandably ecstatic about the new update! (As are we!)

Watching Jennifer quickly move from seeing a problem, solving a problem, and describing the solution through CloudApp is a gratifying experience! Jennifer mentioned that she has seen CloudApp significantly impact her team’s productivity and efficiency. CloudApp’s screenshots and annotations make quick delivery of information easy and seamless.


CloudApp LOVES CloudApp’s … Well, Everything‍

CloudApp Product Manager Seraphin “Phin” Hochart loves everything about CloudApp – but to keep it short, Phin emphasized the long-standing value of CloudApp’s screen recording feature and functions. He showed us the basics of using CloudApp’s screen recordings, and then added the “pro tips” of shortcuts, camera resizing, and instant upload!
the added benefit of annotations! With this duality, GIF recordings have the best of both worlds.

You can see Phin’s live demo of videos and GIFs during his portion of the webinar.
Finally, Phin showed us the view notifications feature as well as the public roadmap. The new notifications feature allows you to see when your content is viewed – and by whom! With the public roadmap, you can add your personal input on what you’d like to see from CloudApp as our next feature updates. Contribute to our public roadmap here – we look forward to hearing from you!


Get More With CloudApp Screen Recording

Overall, we’ve enjoyed putting on this Tips and Tricks webinar – we’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response from our attendees and hope to put together something similar in the future! Check out the full recording (and feel free to follow along!) by accessing our You-tube channel or by use this video below.