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Free Snagit For Mac 2022 “Best Of”

Snagit for Mac is a popular tool for screen recording, screenshots and more–for individuals. But for teams, CloudApp is a better alternative to Snagit for Mac, as it has all the tools you need. Learn how CloudApp and Snagit downloads compare.
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The CloudApp Snipping Tool is available for Mac, iOS and Chrome. Downloading is quick and easy. Access the app from GetCloudApp above, from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, or from the Chrome Webstore to add the extension to Chrome. We also have a snipping tool for PC users.
CloudApp | How to download

Snagit for Mac Falling Behind

CloudApp and Snagit play in the same space but have quite different capabilities. Even with Snagit 13 and now Snagit 2018, CloudApp still outranks the competition as a snipping tool for mac in terms of storage capabilities, collaboration tools, overall features. Let’s take a look.

No Cloud Storage with Snagit for Mac

Everything these days operates in the cloud, especially when it comes to business enterprise operations and team collaboration. With both Snagit’s free and paid versions users must store all screen captured files and videos directly on their devices. This hogs precious memory and ultimately slows work down. Use CloudApp to take a screenshot on mac and those images are instantly saved to the cloud — no upload or download required.
CloudApp Screenshot Tool
CloudApp | The Best Screen Capture

CloudApp vs. Snagit Download

Again, memory and hardware space is compromised with Snagit, which requires at least a 65 MB application download. Learn how to screenshot on mac with CloudApp, which takes up half the space. Users also have the option to utilize a Chrome extension instead of a dedicated app.

At CloudApp We Integrate and Share

Streamlined sharing and collaboration capabilities are priority for CloudApp. Snagit 13 and 2018 versions still lack cloud sharing and workflow app integrations (Slack, Trello, Asana to name a few) that make working in teams more efficient and cost effective.
CloudApp | How to download
CloudApp | Mac and Windows

Webcam and Screen Recording

CloudApp’s video and screen recorder lets you simultaneously record your screen and webcam to build relationships and engagement by always showing the face behind the screen. With Snagit you encounter the constant nuisance of toggling between applications or tools. Shouldn’t your workflow be seamless?

GIF Annotation For All

It’s one thing to be able to screen capture GIFs and live video. It’s another to have the tools to annotate them as you go. With CloudApp’s GIF annotation capabilities, you can add arrows, text, and emojis to 15 sec or 1 minute GIFs and get your point across to clients and team members more effectively. You can annotate screenshots in Snagit 13 or 2018, but the ability to annotate GIFs is nonexistent.
CloudApp | The Best Screen Capture