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Screenshot on Mac

CloudApp is an all-in-one screenshot Mac solution. Capture images, screenshots, videos and audio directly from your screen. Life is faster in the cloud.

Available on:

The CloudApp Screenshot App is available for Mac, iOS and Chrome. Downloading is quick and easy. Access the app from GetCloudApp above, from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, or from the Chrome Webstore to add the extension to Chrome.

Screenshot on Mac

CloudApp is the all-in-one screenshot mac app for those who need to capture, edit and send content from their screens. Industry leaders use CloudApp’s screencasting feature on Mac computers to communicate faster. Snap a screenshot and send it in seconds. Create a GIF to grab someone’s attention. Explain complex issues with a screen recording. Click, edit and send. It all happens in seconds. All of your content is instantly uploaded to the cloud, ready to access anywhere. You can even browse your entire database on the go with CloudApp for iOS. Our screenshot app turns your computer and iPhone into powerful content-sharing tools.

Faster Mac Screenshots

CloudApp’s Mac screenshot app supercharges your team’s speed. Typing a lengthy email wastes time. A simple screenshot gets the point across faster. A screen recording conveys the value of a 5,000-word message in an instant. CloudApp is intuitive and fully integrates into your workflow. Use the mac snipping tool to snap a screenshot and instantly send it with an automatically generated link. Drag a GIF into an email. Add an arrow and text to a picture immediately after capturing it. Everything happens at light speed with CloudApp.

The brains processes images 60,000X faster than text and CloudApp takes full advantage of visual communication, for every industry where speed and clarity are essential. Don’t get left behind and start communicating at the speed of sight.

Keep Your Mac Screenshots Secure

Mac screenshots, mac screen recordings and webcam videos can capture sensitive material. Client records, financial documents, unreleased prototypes. CloudApp’s screenshot on mac instantly uploads all of your information to the cloud and keeps it secure. All data is stored on Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud after being SSL encrypted. CloudApp’s data centers are monitored 24/7 and are regularly tested. CloudApp employs data protection, disaster recovery and data continuity. Rest easy knowing your information is safe in the cloud.

CloudApp user’s control exactly who can view their content by setting passwords to URL links. You can even set expiry dates on pieces of content, restricting access to a certain number of days or weeks. CloudApp is the most secure screenshot application on a Mac on the market. If you need to get up to speed on how screenshots on a mac work, take the time to learn more about how to take a screenshot on a mac.

Screenshot on a Mac Info

Taking a screenshot on a Mac with Mojave is simple. With CloudApp, the experience is just as intuitive, yet alot more powerful. Download the app in seconds and start snapping screenshots on your Mac! Here is how to take a screenshot on your Mac:

  • Register for a FREE CloudApp Account
  • Download the app for Mac and iPhone
  • Click on the CloudApp icon and select the screenshot option
  • Use your mouse to control the snipping tool and select the area on your screen you wish to capture
  • Alternatively, using keyboard shortcuts, simply select Shift-Command-5 in macOS

It’s that simple. Capturing screenshots has never been easier.

Annotate and Edit Mac Screenshots

Editing screenshots with other programs is cumbersome. With CloudApp, users can annotate screenshots and edit content in the blink of an eye. Directly after capturing content, you can edit screenshots. Add an arrow to a screenshot. Bring a smile to someone’s face by adding emojis to your GIF. Add text to any document to explain the content. Annotating with CloudApp is simple and effortless.

Enterprise Mac Screenshot Software

CloudApp is for the dreamers and innovators. It’s a screenshot Mac app for industry leaders. Customers such as Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Salesforce and Buffer use CloudApp to share ideas and solve problems. When Gainsight or G2 Crowd are using screenshot software to accelerate their sales processes, they turn to CloudApp. Buffer, Drift, Intercom, and Outreach – the list goes on. If you want to be the best, you need the best software. The time to act is now.

Top ranked and loved by customers

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4.7 out of 5 

9.4 out of 10

Screenshot on Mac Integrations

Creatives and tech all-stars use countless apps to complete their work. CloudApp has integrations for all of your favourite programs to make capturing and sharing even easier. Instantly share a screenshot with your team on Slack. Complete a task in Asana with a GIF. Resolve a Zendesk support issue with a screen recording. Integrations make CloudApp intuitive. Navigating the digital world with this mac screenshot tool is effortless. More integrations equals more saved time.

Other Screen Capture Tools Don’t Stand A Chance

As you learned above, the right screen recorder software can do so much more for you and your business than simply save a screenshot to your computer. That’s the way of the past, yet companies such as Techsmith, claiming to be top-of-class screen capture software, require downloading and installing 3 of their tools (Snagit, Jing, Screencast) to have all the features that CloudApp comes with in the all-in-one native app. Other tools including Vidyard or Wistia, simply miss out on valuable workflow collaboration tools, analytics to help you grow your business and customization capabilities. Others such as Loom, Soapbox or GoVideo, are limited to Chrome Extensions and serve no further business function or value beyond of a quick video or a screenshot.‍

CloudApp also serves as more than just a DropBox type file storage center. It also won’t cost your five times the amount of money for half the features like a Vidyard or a Droplr that provides little to no creative functions. With CloudApp you can let your creativity flow with video annotation or dual screen and webcam recording.

Still Don’t Believe Us? See For Yourself

Don’t restrict your creativity or slow down your workflow even more with antiquated screen recording software. It’s time to step into the 21st century and catch up with this on-demand world. Sign up for a free CloudApp account and try it for yourself to see just how fruitful screen recording can be for your teams and your bottom line. CloudApp is the future of visual communication — an essential screen recording tool for every industry where speed and clarity are essential.

How to Record Your Screen?

  • Step 1: Download CloudApp for Windows or Mac
  • Step 2: Click on the CloudApp.msi file in the downloads folder
  • Step 3: CloudApp should immediately open
  • Step 4: Register for a free CloudApp screen recording account when prompted
  • Step 5:  To record your screen, click on your CloudApp icon. Select the TV recording image. Prefer hotkeys? Use this combination for Mac :Cmd+Shift+6, Windows: Alt+Shift+6
  • Step 6: Use your mouse to select the area on your screen you wish to record and click the green “Start” button to begin recording. 
  • Step 7: Click the red “Finish” button when you are done your video
Have more questions? Get in touch or head over to our FAQ.
To record your screen select ‘Record Your Screen’ on CloudApp’s drop down menu. You can access this through hotkeys on Mac with cmd + shift + 6. The Windows hotkeys alt + shift + 6. You will then click and drag what part of your screen you want to record then release your finger from the mouse and press ‘Start’.
CloudApp is a great free screen recorder option. CloudApp is a screen recorder compatible with multiple operating systems and offers customer support. This free screen recorder offers premium features like partial screen recording, team sharing, annotations, and in-viewer editing.
CloudApp is a screen recorder that is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. CloudApp also supports screen recording in the Chrome browser and on the iPhone.
To record your screen press Windows + Alt + R. These hotkeys should cause a recording icon to pop up in the top right of your screen. Press this button when ready to record.