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Live Stream Screen Recorder

With CloudApp’s live screen recorder anyone can screen record a live stream or video to share with your friends. Learn how to screen record a live stream on a Mac or PC with our native app.
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Downloading the CloudApp snipping tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app from GetCloudApp, access it from the Mac Store or if you have a PC, from the Microsoft Windows Store. To get started, you should first register for an account, download the app, then install it on your machine and start snipping.

One Live Screen Recorder For All Your Needs

CloudApp has a powerful set of screen recording features that can all help you communicate your ideas and easily share them with your colleagues or co-workers. With the live screen recorder feature, anyone can record a live video of your computer screen to record a sales call, a marketing presentation, an remote web development stand up, or a customer support session with a client. With CloudApp, you can attend meetings with your team if you are unable to attend at a specific time, or without being there at all.

How To Use The Live Stream Screen Recorder On MacOS

Getting started with CloudApp so that you can use the live screen recorder is simple. You can even use CloudApp on the go with an iPhone app or Google Chrome extension.

  • Register for a FREE CloudApp Account
  • Download the app for Mac, iPhone or install the Chrome extension
  • Click on the CloudApp icon to begin
  • Choose between recording your screen, creating a GIF or a screenshot
  • Use your cursor to select the area of interest on your screen and capture with a click
That’s it- the process only takes a few seconds. With your free CloudApp account, all of your screen recordings will be accessible anywhere the app is. Record an HD video of working within Asana to teach new members on your Mac. Need to access this video on the road? View the content on your iPhone app with the tap of your finger and send it instantly.

Using CloudApp's MacOS Keyboard Shortcuts

Anotherway to use the screen recorder for live streams is to our hotkeys feature. Not only can you set custom keyboard shortcuts, but you can control how CloudApp works with your specific needs. To get started go to the Preferences menu in the Gear icon and follow these steps:

  • Pressing shortcut keys Command + Shift + 6 will show the “Click & Drag to Select Recording Area” prompt
  • Follow the prompt and select the part of your screen you want to record
  • Press the green START button or ESC to cancel, ENTER to choose last selection, and red button to FINISH
  • There is also a full screen option. Simply press the [ ] to record your full screen
  • All these shortcuts can be changed by going to your CloudApp’s Preferences Menu

As with the app method above, once you’ve completed recording your screen, a link will be automatically saved that you can easily send to your friends.

How To Use The Live Stream Screen Recorder on a Windows PC

Using the App on a PC is very similar to Apple’s MacBooks, only the functions are native to the Windows Operating System. To get started:
  • Download CloudApp for Windows and install it
  • On the Taskbar located at the bottom of your screen, click on the CloudApp icon
  • Choose the TV icon to start recording a live stream in HD video or GIF
  • The snipping tool feature is the same on a PC, simply drag your mouse down to the select the part you want to record
  • As in MacOS, audio is enabled by default for HD videos but not for GIFs
  • ‍In the Windows application, click on the blue button to start and the red one to finish recording
As with Mac, the video of GIF recording is uploaded saved to a shortlink is automatically added your clipboard for instant sharing.
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Using The Windows Keyboard Shortcuts on Your PC

Another way that you can record a live stream using a screen recorder is by the shortcut for Windows. To start:

  • Press the shortcut keys Alt + Shift + 6 will provide the PC user with the “Click & Drag” prompt
  • Select the part of the screen that you want to record by following the prompt
  • Press the BLUE Start button and the red button to FINISH
  • As with Mac, access the full screen option by pressing the [ ] to record the whole screen
  • The Windows app can also have custom shortcuts set in CloudApp’s Preferences Menu

Once you successfully record a live screen, you can share it
with your friends via a link.

Bonus Use Case: Use the Live Stream Screen Recorder for YouTube

Do you frequently tune in to watch live streams on Youtube, but end up disappointed when you are in the middle of one and your boss calls, or that you missed that important concept or idea? With CloudApp’s Live Stream Screen Recorder, you never have to miss out on any live feeds on YouTube. Simply navigate to the Youtube channel you want to record, choose the HD video option (our PRO account includes unlimited screen and webcam recording minutes and large file storage) and record the whole live stream! The next time your boss asks you to have a 1on1 mid stream, you will never miss that live stream of SpaceX’s Falcom Heavy Launch or important live event.

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CloudApp’s live stream recorder allows you to capture what Elon Musk is up to, interruptions to your work flows caused by your boss, and lets you record and upload all upcoming live streams you fancy. Stay on top of everything that is happening in your life and in Youtube land by signing for your free 14 day trail of CloudApp Pro here.

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