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CloudApp Integration for Zoho Desk

Use CloudApp with Zoho Desk to delight your customers. Add video, GIFs, and screenshot annotations directly in Zoho Desk with the CloudApp Integration.

Easy to setup:

Record your screen

CloudApp lets your team capture video of anything on your screen; from a browser tab or an interaction in a native Windows or Mac app that can be shared directly into any Zoho Desk ticket, chat window, or knowledge base page.

Edit and Annotate

Deliver delight by removing the back and forth, and quickly get to the point all right within Zoho Desk. Communicate 300% faster by highlighting a section on a page to instantly call out a suggestion or feedback.

Add it directly into Zoho Desk


Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
screen recording software.

Work faster.


Valid For Annual Pro Plan | Offer Ends Today!