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About Zendesk | CloudApp

CloudApp makes communicating with your customers and reducing ticket backlogs fast and easy. Explain support issues with a screen recording, a GIF or a screenshot, then share in a Zendesk support ticket.

Resolve Customer Support Tickets Visually

With the CloudApp Integration for Zendesk Customer Service Support Ticketing System, reps do not have to explain the issues – they can show customers how to resolve their issues. Instead of typing out a 3-paragraph essay, you can instantly record an HD video or explanatory GIF, and directly insert it into a customer support ticket so that they have an easy how-to guide which explains the resolution visually.

Annotate to Answer a Support Ticket

When you’re trying to help a customer, but you’ve got hundreds of tickets left in your backlog, you want to be more effective with your time and reduce the back and forth — all while giving the best possible customer experience. CloudApp makes it easy to capture your screen, mark it up with annotations (lines, arrows, blur) and show your customer what they need to do.

Add It Directly Into Your Zendesk Ticketing System

Easy Setup

Start your team account
Install in Zendesk
Authorize access to CloudApp