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CloudApp Software Integration for Wordpress CMS Publishing Platform

Content is richer when it’s visual. Create beautiful visual content with video, GIFs, and images and embed them in your WordPress pages.

Easy Setup

Instantly create and host engaging visuals

The CloudApp Plugin for WordPress was built to make it easier to add videos, GIFs, and images to your WordPress pages. Rather than writing it all out with text, use a visual to explain something. With visuals like screen recordings, GIFS, and screenshots you can immediately explain, delight, or share your perspective with your customers and users.

Embed video and visuals to enrich

Putting video and visuals (screenshots, GIFs) on your website is the easiest way to get your point across in WordPress. Inline embeds place your content directly on the page, inline with the rest of your content. You also benefit from extra analytics that CloudApp provides: how many people viewed your GIFs? Meaning how many people scrolled down your entire page if the GIF is at the end.

Host your visual assets with CloudApp


Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
screen recording software.

Work faster.