CloudApp Power-Up for Trello

Collaboration is More Fun When It's Visual. Create visual explanations and add them to Trello cards in seconds.

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Resolve Bugs Faster in Trello

The CloudApp Power-Up for Trello was built to make it easier to give clear context to team members so that you could tell someone once, and they’d understand and get to fixing. No product walkthrough meetings, no “hey what page was this from?’, just one bug report that’s easy to follow, and you’re done. With visuals like screen recordings, GIFS, and screenshots you can immediately share your perspective with your team, whether they are sitting next to you or across the globe.

Annotate to Clarify Your Point

Highlight anything on your screen to give feedback that won't get lost in translation. Avoid long discussions, the 'what do you mean?' and any miscommunication that wastes everybody's time. Be efficient by getting to the point in seconds. Two clicks and better feedback is added to Trello.

Record Your Screen to Explain a Broken Workflow

Whether it's recording an HD video walkthrough of the bug you've found, or recording a quick GIF that loops through the most crucial issue, your bugs will now be much clearer and your team will be able to resolve them faster. With screen recording you can more clearly articulate an issue without spending as much time typing out step by step workflows.