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CloudApp Integration for Slack Team Messaging App

Record and share videos, GIFs, and images directly into a Slack messaging channel or chat

Easy to setup:

Collaborate Visually in Slack's Team Messaging App

Create a GIF, the link is copied to your clipboard, message it immediately by pasting it into Slack’s team collaboration app and see an instant preview. Our customers see a 300% reduction in time to communicate a complex concept, creating a more efficient and enjoyable workplace.

Record Your Screen, Instantly Share in Slack

CloudApp breaks down the need for meetings, reviews, and nonstop back and forth, helping you quickly get to the point of a problem with annotations and short videos. Spend less time conversing in the Slack messaging app and get more done! Slack teams are global, distributed, and usually separated by a set of headphones. We move at the speed of GB/s but still communicate through text.

Send Captured Content directly from the Mac App


Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
screen recording software.

Work faster.

CloudApp Raises $9.3M Series A

View the announcement from CloudApp CEO Scott Smith