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CloudApp Integration for Sketch

Share Great Design, Instantly. With the Sketch plugin for CloudApp you can collaborate faster. Skip the tedious downloading, exporting, and uploading and share your work right away!

Easy Setup

Share Great Design, Fast.

Sketch should be where the magic starts, not stays. Introducing the delighted plugin for CloudApp. Now you can skip the tedious downloading, exporting, and uploading to share your design with others. No more uploading your design files to external servers! With CloudApp’s plugin your personal design is only a few steps away from being a collaborative project to be shared with coworkers, clients, etc.

Stress-Free Collaboration

Collaboration and prototyping are easier than ever. Skip the stress over design communication. Get immediate feedback from teammates and clients for how to change any particular section of a design file. Share your designs with other designers to illustrate how to execute on a technique.

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Work faster.

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