CloudApp Integration for Atlassian HipChat


CloudApp makes communicating with your team fast and easy. Record your screen, create a GIF or a screenshot, then share in HipChat.

Less typing, more productive.

Our customers see a 300% reduction in time to communicate a complex concept, creating a more efficient and enjoyable workplace. Create a GIF, the link is copied in your clipboard, paste it immediately into HipChat or add it from the side bar.

Feedback, visualized.

HipChat teams are global, distributed, and usually separated by a set of headphones. We move at the speed of GB/s but still communicate through text. CloudApp breaks down the need for meetings, reviews, and nonstop back and forth, helping you quickly get to the point of a problem with annotations. Spend less time conversing in HipChat, get more done!

Magically add any visual content to HipChat

By selecting a visual on the HipChat sidebar you can add GIFs, images, and videos directly to HipChat. CloudApp adapts to your workflow so you don't waste time opening windows or apps, looking for your content in your desktop files and uploading large files. Sharing a piece of your mind is as easy as this 10 second GIF.

Easy to setup:

Start your team account
Start your team account
Install in Hipchat
Install in Hipchat

Communicate, work faster, and collaborate better today.

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