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CloudApp Lite Integration for Google Slides

Create more engaging visual presentations. Create visual content (GIFs, screenshots), edit and annotate, then drag and drop into a Google Slide

Easy to Setup

Drag and Drop into a Google Slide

Business Analysts, Marketers, and Sales Teams can easily create the ‘perfect’ presentation that can be explained with greater simplicity, using visual context. Easily drag and drop CloudApp images or GIFs into a Google Slide.

Coming Soon: Edit and annotate

Highlight a section of your screen with arrows, boxes, or underline to instantly call out a highlight so that your team can immediately understand and get on the same page. Remove the back and forth, spend less time in meetings and reviews, and quickly get to the point of the problem all right within a Google Slide.

Coming Soon: Get your point across with visuals


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Work faster.

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