CloudApp Integration for Front


Use CloudApp with Front to delight customers and amplify team communication. Add video, GIFs, and screenshot annotations directly in Front with the CloudApp Integration.

Capture visuals on your screen

CloudApp lets your team capture anything on a screen; from a browser tab or an interaction in a native Windows or Mac app that can be shared directly into any Front message, chat window, or comment.

Edit and Annotate

Deliver delight to customers and amplify team efficiency by removing the back and forth, and quickly get to the point all right within Front. Communicate 300% faster by highlighting a section on a page to instantly call out a suggestion, feedback, or insight.

Add it directly into Front

Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp automagically creates a sharable link. Want to show a preview? Easy. Just drag and drop!

Easy to setup:

Create a free account
Create a free account
Add Links or Content into Front
Add Links or Content into Front

Communicate, work faster, and collaborate better today.

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