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CloudApp Software Integration for Drift's Conversational Marketing Platform

CloudApp makes communicating with new and existing customers fast and easy. Record your screen, create a GIF or a screenshot, then share in any Drift chat window.

Easy to setup:

Record your screen

CloudApp lets you capture anything on your screen. Use a keyboard shortcut to capture and annotate a screenshot. Or capture a video or GIF interaction in the native Windows or Mac tool. CloudApp automagically creates a unique link after every capture and copies it to your clipboard for fast sharing.

Show, don't tell

Accelerate your customer support by removing the back and forth. Quickly get to the point all right within Drift. Copy a link to any visual directly from the CloudApp native app. Then, paste into your Drift chat window.

Embed Drift into CloudApp


Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
screen recording software.
Work faster.