CloudApp Integration for Clubhouse


Get your point across faster in Clubhouse. Add video, GIF, and screenshot annotations directly in Clubhouse with the CloudApp Integration.

Record your screen

CloudApp helps software teams communicate 300% faster using visuals. Capture HD video, GIFs, or screenshots that can be shared directly into any Clubhouse story or project.

Edit and Annotate

Remove the back and forth and quickly get to the point all right within Clubhouse. CloudApp lets you quickly annotate screenshots or GIFs to instantly call out bugs and enhancements.

Add it directly into Clubhouse

Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp automagically creates a sharable link. Want to show a preview? Easy. Just drag and drop!

Easy to setup:

Create a free account
Create a free account
Add Links or Content into Clubhouse
Add Links or Content into Clubhouse

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