CloudApp Integration for Asana


Complete tasks faster with visuals. Create visual explanations and add them to Asana tasks in seconds.

Show, don't tell

CloudApp customers see a 300% reduction in time to communicate a complex concept. Build a more efficient and enjoyable workplace with visual messaging.

Capture and annotate

CloudApp helps you capture and annotate visual content in seconds. Get your point across faster with arrows, boxes, and more. Spend less time typing and more time doing.

Add visuals to an Asana task

Supercharge your Asana experience with CloudApp. Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp automagically creates a sharable link. Want to show a preview? Easy. Just drag and drop!

Easy to setup

Get a Free CloudApp Account
Get a Free CloudApp Account
Create Content
Create Content
Get a Free CloudApp Account
Share Link or Drag Image to Asana

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