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CloudApp for Adobe XD

With CloudApp for Adobe XD you can collaborate faster with your teammates. Just 2 clicks to share an artboard or design with a link.

Easy Setup

Share Great Design, Instantly.

Adobe XD should be where the magic starts, not stays. Introducing CloudApp for Adobe XD. Now you can instantly upload and share your design with others through a link. With CloudApp for Adobe XD your personal design is only a few steps away from being a collaborative project to be shared with coworkers, clients, etc.

Instant link copied to your clipboard

CloudApp for Adobe XD saves you all the design time in the world. Export your file to CloudApp and get an easy-to-share link! Paste your link into any email, Slack conversation, or document for smooth file sharing.

Stress-Free Collaboration


Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
screen recording software.

Work faster.

CloudApp Raises $9.3M Series A

View the announcement from CloudApp CEO Scott Smith