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Have you ever scrambled to clean up your surroundings right before a Zoom meeting? Have you ever wondered if there was a way that your boss wouldn’t see your background on Zoom? Since Zoom has proliferated since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have definitely been some questionable backgrounds. 

When you use Zoom for a meeting or an interview, you want to make sure that the attendees are listening to what you are saying and not staring off into your ever-so distracting background. To maximize your impact and make sure that the people you are speaking to are actually retaining the information, they must listen to you, but that doesn’t happen if your messy room is in the background. To put it simple, it is a distraction. The background on your Zoom matters and if you don’t have a professional background, it becomes a distraction. 

So how exactly do you create a professional (video) background? Well for starters, a virtual video background is the easiest solution. We will teach you exactly how to add a virtual video background to your Zoom meetings! 

How to Add a Virtual Video Background to your Zoom Meetings

  1. Open a Zoom Meeting 
  2. Make sure you to Check for Updates
  3. At the bottom left of your screen, click on the little up arrow next to the “Stop Video” icon 

  1. Click “Choose Virtual Background” 
  2. Now you can pick one of the 2 video background that Zoom provides you or you can upload your own video 

And there you have it! You know how to add some professionalism to your next Zoom meeting with a virtual video background. Feel free to upload your own background or choose one of Zoom’s originals.

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