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Viewing LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously is an extremely useful tool when starting out on the platform, researching competitors, updating your profile, and finding clients or employers. 

Anonymously searching on LinkedIn is a great way for businesses to stay connected without having their profiles compromised. Recruiting and competition has become more cutthroat than ever and being able to recruit and build in private has become a prized possession. Using Private mode is a good way to do a bit of anonymous browsing around LinkedIn and many newer users enjoy staying private to learn more about the platform. 

Configuring your settings so that you are private is simplistic on LinkedIn. Follow the steps below to learn exactly how to become a private user. 

How View a LinkedIn Profile Anonymously

Step #1: Click Me in LinkedIn and Open your Profile 

Step #2: Click on Settings and Privacy and navigate to the Privacy tab 

Step #3: Change Profile Viewing Options to Private Mode 

You can always toggle between private and public on LinkedIn. Switching is extremely easy and both serve different functions - it all depends on the purpose of what you are doing and what type of person you are. There are 4 privacy settings you can choose from: 

  1. Public - Anyone with LinkedIn Premium can see you on their profile 
  2. Only at CloudApp - Only people within your company can see you on their profile 
  3. Anonymous - No one can see you on their profile 
  4. LinkedIn Premium - You can see anyone on your profile

If you enjoyed our video tutorial on how to view a LinkedIn profile anonymously, check out the rest of our How to Use the Internet series. This Youtube series of short video demonstrations are designed to teach users various online skills through visual storytelling, like how to stop seeing horror movie ads on Youtube and how to turn on dark mode on a Mac.

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