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Working long hours and having an irregular body clock is one of the worst possible combinations for keeping a healthy body. Sometimes you can’t control when you sleep and wake up because it is too hard to actually keep track of the times. Apple solved this problem for you when they moved Night Shift from IOS to Mac recently. 

Night Shift aims to help keep a user’s circadian rhythm going regularly. In simpler terms, it helps maintain and track a person’s internal clock that helps determine when they should sleep and wake up. Essentially, your computer automatically changes the display depending on the time of day; for example, computer monitors are usually set to a higher color temperature that emits more blue light, however, during the evening, Night Shift switches your display to a more orange color. Although it is barely noticeable and takes a long time to switch, this light helps your brain think it is night time. 

Setting up Night Shift on your Mac is extremely easy and takes little time. Follow the steps below to learn how. 

How to Turn On Night Shift on a Mac

Step #1: Click on the Apple Logo on the top left of your screen 

Step #2: Click on System Preferences and click on Displays 

Step #4: Select Night Shift and set up a Schedule 

Setting up Night Shift on your Mac is extremely simple. In just a few steps, you can create a schedule in which your computer shifts displays to help you sleep better at night and to protect you from the harmful light, especially if you are working long hours and are in front of a computer screen all day. Instead of tracking when you should change your display each day, 

have this setting on a Mac do it all for you without you even noticing. 

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