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Did you just get your kid a new Mac as a birthday present? If so, you must be wondering if you can keep track of what they are doing on their computer and limit them from opening dangerous files or using the Mac for too long. 

Parental controls on macOS can set limits and monitor a child’s use of the computer, shutting down inappropriate websites and apps, enforcing screen time, and shut down content. With distractions around every corner in today’s world, spending too much time on a screen playing games or browsing social media proves to be a costly distraction, especially when you are trying to get work done. One of the biggest advantages of Parental Controls is that it actually allows parents to set a screen time and regularly adjust those settings. 

Instead of hovering over your children’s shoulders to watch their every move and make sure they are staying productive and appropriate, parental controls is the easiest way on Mac to help protect their children and limit their screen time. To learn how to turn on and adjust the screen time on Mac, adhere to the steps below. 

How to Set Up Parental Controls on a Mac

Step #1: Open System Preferences and click on Parental Controls 

Step #2: Either Click Option A or Option B and put down your Laptop Password 

Step #3: Type in New User Account Information 

Adding and configuring parental controls on a Mac is extremely easy. In fact, you can even change these settings wherever you want without actively changing them on the device. If your child has a baseball game in the evening, and has to stay up late to study, you can adjust the slider for allotted screen time per day. Maybe when your child is sick, you give them more screen time. It all depends on what you feel is right for your child. 

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