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With every new Macbook model that you buy, you are guaranteed one extremely important feature: a better battery life. Thanks to more efficient processors, Macbook models have enhanced efficiency when first used, but that doesn’t mean the battery life will remain great over time. Over time, the battery life of your Macbook will start to fade and you’ll find oftentimes that the battery drains much more quickly than it previously did. 

There are a plethora of options you can choose from in order to monitor your battery life. Using shortcuts such as Alt + Battery Icon allows you to check the condition of your battery. Other avenues include dimming the brightness of your display, turning on Energy Saver, and keeping up with the news Software Updates.

Keeping the battery life on your Macbook healthy is crucial to performance. Taking the time to maintain and improve the battery life will go a long way to increase the durability of your Macbook. To learn how to improve your battery life, follow the steps below. 

How to Improve Macbook Battery Life

To Turn Down Your Brightness: 

  1. Open System Preferences 
  2. Click on Displays 
  3. Turn down your brightness 

To Adjust on Energy Saver: 

  1. Go to System Preferences 
  2. Click on Energy Saver 
  3. Adjust the slider under Battery 
  4. Enable Put hard disks to sleep when possible and Slightly dim the display while on battery power 

  1. Adjust the slider under Power Adapter
  2. Enable Put hard disks to sleep when possible, wake for Wi-Fi network access, and Enable Power Nap while plugged into a power adapter

Conserving your battery life prevents you from unnecessary costs and trips to the store to get your battery replaced. Taking a few minutes to follow the steps above to monitor your battery life will help keep your Macbook is the best condition possible. If you are interested in learning other fascinating tips and tricks on your laptop or mobile phone, check out the rest of our How to Use the Internet Series. This Youtube series of short video demonstrations are designed to teach users various online skills through visual storytelling, like snoozing notifications, setting your availability, and creating a custom emoji!

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