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Office 365 and more specifically, Microsoft Excel isn’t accessible to everyone because it is a paid subscription. In fact, other platforms such as Google Sheets have over 250 million monthly users. If someone sent you an Excel document but you do not currently have Excel, instead of giving up or purchasing Office 365, you can simply import the worksheet into a new Google Sheet. While it may not support some of the features that Excel offers, it works considerably well. 

Follow the step down below to learn how to to import CSVs and Excel Worksheets into Google Sheets. 

How to Import CSVs and Excel Spreadsheets to Google Sheets

Step #1: Download your Google Sheet as a .CSV and open a new Google Sheet. This works with Microsoft Excel files as well.

Step #2: Click File, Import, Upload; Drag your .CSV that was just downloaded and upload the file

Step #3: Configure your settings just the way you want it to such as creating a new spreadsheet or replacing a spreadsheet. 

And there you have it! Importing Excel files into a Google Sheet has become easier than ever thanks to the cross-compatibility between the two file types. With simple features like this one, you can avoid the embarrassment of not finishing work on time because you ran into a problem where you did not have Excel. 

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