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It’s far easier to communicate with team members in the workplace with the introduction of messaging platforms, such as Slack. If a coworker has a question, a comment, or some feedback they can just quickly open the chat window and fire off a message. The downside to the convenience of instant messaging is the assumption that they will receive an answer instantly. 

Knowing how to set a status in Slack is a great feature to keep your coworkers in the loop if they can’t speak to you directly or see you in the office. It’s the perfect way to let people know when is a good time to send you a message, and when it’s not whether it’s because you’re busy in a client meeting or just out of the office. Rather than apologizing a dozen times for late replies, you might benefit from knowing how to set a status in Slack, and creating a way to manage your coworkers’ expectations. Check out some simple it is to customize your workspace and streamline your day with Slack status updates. You can also check out our How to Use the Internet Series, which includes a video tutorial on How to Set a Status in Slack. 

Set a Status in Slack

Slack’s mission is creating a work-life that’s simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. What better way to create a pleasant work atmosphere, than creating customize Slack status that ensures your coworkers know when you’re available? So let’s get started!

How to Set a Status in Slack
Customize your Slack status or choose from the list of suggestions.

Create a custom Slack status

Open your Slack messenger, click the dropdown menu on your Slack account, and click the set a status option. Alternatively, you can use the short cut (command, shift, Y on Mac and Control, Shift, Y on Windows and Linux.) 

If this the first time you’re creating and setting a status in Slack, click the smiley face icon to select an emoji and write a custom status in the box to accompany your status, or choose from one of the suggested statuses. Depending on your availability, the dot next to your name will make it even clearer to your teammates when your availability in Slack

A green dot next to your name signals you’re available, a clear dot shows you’re away, and a clear dot with a “Z” above it means, do not disturb. 

How to set a time frame for a Slack status. 
Select a time frame for your Slack status

Set your Slack status and timeframe

Once you’ve either created a new status, or chosen a status from the list of suggestions, you will be prompted to select a duration. For instance, if you’re working remotely for the day, you can select “today”. If you’re in an hour meeting, you can select “1 hour”, and so forth. Once you’ve chosen your time frame, click save, and voila! 

Knowing how to set a status in Slack, and using the features to automatically clear old status is a simple way to demonstrate to your coworkers when they can expect to hear back from you. When your coworkers hover their mouse over your status emoji, your full status will display above it. 

Once you’re in the habit of updating your status, the days of impatient coworkers or endless messages should be a thing of the past! 

If you’ve enjoyed the above tutorial on How to Set a Status in Slack, check out the rest of our How to Use the Internet Series. This YouTube series of short video demonstrations are designed to teach users various online skills through visual storytelling, like creating GIFs, setting up social media accounts, and more.

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