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Searching on Google Images is extremely simple: you type in what you are looking for, head to the Images tab, and you have thousands of photos relating to that one word or phrase you typed it. But what if you were looking for something extremely specific? 

Enter Google’s Advanced Image Search. Google’s Advanced Image Search allows you to narrow down the search of a specific type of image. Examples include changing the color of an image so that you only get results of black and white images. Another is the type of image file - maybe you have clip art or animation - the Advanced Image Search gives you results specific to the options you selected. If you are struggling to find a specific image with the basic filters that Google Images provide, Advanced Search is a great tool that Google has developed for you to try. 

Follow the steps below to learn how you can narrow your search results and find exactly what you are looking for in your image search.

How to Perform an Advanced Google Image Search 

Step #1: Search what you want to view in the Google Search Bar and click on Images 

Step #2: Click on Settings and Advanced Search

Step #3: Change any of the settings on the left sidebar to get the type of image you want. Choose between a singular word and phrases, type of image, region, and much more.


And there you have it. With Advanced Search on Google Images, you can filter: 

  • Image Size
  • Image Color
  • Image Usage Rights
  • Image Type
  • Time 

Using this search helps any user find exactly what they couldn’t find in the main domain of Google Images. While it is tedious to change the filters each time you want to search something, it is a great way to increase your efficiency when searching for images.  

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