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Communicating with team members in the workplace has become far easier with the introduction of messaging platforms, such as Slack. Share images, documents, comment in threads to keep conversations organized, create custom Slack channels, mute a Slack channel, integrate tools, direct message or voice call coworkers, tag coworkers, and more. 

The upside of instant messaging is the convenience of quickly asking a question, making a comment, or providing some feedback right from your computer or mobile device. The downside of instant messaging is that you can easily become bombarded or distracted by constant notifications and incoming messages. This is especially true if you’re in an office with several departments or projects on-the-go, and Slack channels dedicated to each.

Most offices will have Slack channels that are more relevant to your specific job title than others. Messaging platforms like Slack are great for cultivating a collaborative and healthy work environment, but too many messages that are off-topic or not pertinent to your job can be extremely distracting and detrimental to your productivity. 

Knowing how to mute a Slack channel, and updating your notifications accordingly will help you make the most of Slack and choose the most productive option for your workflow. So let’s get started! 

How to mute a Slack channel
Learn how to mute a Slack channel that is distracting or detrimental to your productivity.

How to mute a Slack channel

If you find you’re receiving a ton of notifications that aren’t pertinent to your job from a specific Slack channel, or a few Slack channels, knowing how to mute a Slack channel can help you stay focused, be more productive, and optimize your workflow. 

Mute a Slack channel

To begin with, open your Slack messenger and locate the Slack channel you want to mute. Select the Slack channel that you want to mute by hovering over the channel, right-clicking, and selecting the mute option. 

A muted Slack channel

When a Slack channel is muted, it will still show up in your list of channels, but it will be a faded gray opposed to white. You will no longer receive notifications when there’s a new message from a mute Slack channel. 

Mute distracting Slack channels
Mute Slack channels that are distracting or less relevant to your specific job.

Slack’s mission is to make work-life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. This is exactly why Slack offers a variety of options to customize your notifications. Now that you know how to mute a Slack channel, you can customize your channel notifications, and monitor messages as you see fit. Knowing how to mute a Slack channel that is either distracting, or irrelevant to your work, will help you streamline your workflow and remain connected with your team. 

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