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Have you ever wondered how you can edit a graphic or an image without actually recreating the template each time you want to add something new? If so, you have come to the right place.

With the remote workplace becoming more prominent in our everyday lives, efficiency has never been more important. Instead of repeating multiple tasks over and over again, CloudApp and other startups have developed innovative ways to make your life easier. One of those ways is layering screenshots. Layering screenshots using CloudApp allows you to edit and annotate existing photos and templates without actually recreating the template. 

How to Layer CloudApp Screenshots 

Step #1: On your Desktop, click on the CloudApp Icon

Step #2: Click Annotate on the image you want to edit 

Step #3: Click on the CloudApp Icon again and drag another image onto the already open image to layer the screenshots. Feel free to annotate the image further!

Step #4: Click Save and you are good to go!

Layering screenshots is one of many tools that CloudApp offers. Not only does this tool save you a lot of time as a content manager, but it is an extremely easy way to create engaging graphics for your website or mobile app. 

Check out more of CloudApp’s cool features such as how to take a screenshot and how to create a GIF. Simply download CloudApp on your computer or mobile device to starting creating and optimizing the way you work.

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