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It’s no question that Yahoo is one of the biggest search engines of our times. Better yet, Yahoo has expanded beyond the realm of an engine and ventured into news, video, maps, and much more. With the largest database in the world, Yahoo has invested billions of dollars into analyzing the online behavior of its millions of users. 

Yahoo focuses on building great relationships with partners such as Verizon and At&T but they all have worked with content providers for music, movies, finance, gaming, and sports. While Yahoo hasn’t ever regained its footing after trailblazing before Facebook and Google, the turnaround within the company has been quite successful. 

Creating and deleting accounts on Yahoo are extremely easy. Creating an account allows you to access some of the interesting tools that Yahoo offers. 

For whatever reason, you may need to delete your account. In a few simple steps, you can simply delete your account and either create a new account or stop using the platform altogether. 

How to Delete a Yahoo Account

Step #1: Make sure you are not making any payments through your Yahoo Account 

Step #2: Type in your search bar

Step #3: Click Continue delete my account 

Step #4: Verify your email address and click Yes, terminate this account 

Deleting your account from Yahoo permanently takes about 40 days. Make sure that you have no active payment methods connected to your Yahoo account otherwise you may lose the money that is already in your account. Feel free to de-activate or permanently delete your Yahoo account for whatever reason need be. 

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