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Are you new to Slack and not sure what channels are designed for? Think of a channel as a place where communication barriers do not exist and you and your teammates can instantly share messages, tools, and files. 

There are two types of Slack channels: public and private. Public channels are open for all members. However, if you need to share confidential information, you can create a private channel and invite-only certain people. 

How to Create a Slack Channel

Creating a Slack channel takes less than a minute. If you do not know how to do it, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Click the plus icon next to Channels.

Step #2: Enter a channel name and add description. Make it either public or private. When you are ready, click Create and invite others to the channel by typing their names.

Slack is full of wonderful features that are designed to increase workplace productivity. Start exploring them with our How to Use The Internet Series. We will teach you how to create a custom Slack emoji, archive or mute a channel, set your status and availability, and a lot of other things!

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