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Instant messaging platforms, such as Slack, have made communicating in the workplace much more seamless in our workflow. Even if we work in the same office as our team members, it’s not uncommon to depend on instant messaging platforms to communicate with one another. 

Share images or documents, comment in threads to keep conversations organized, integrate tools, message or voice call coworkers individually, tag your coworkers, update your status, and more. Take advantage of cultivating a collaborative and healthy work environment by getting the most out of Slack’s features, including creating custom Slackbot responses. 

Knowing how to create custom Slackbot responses is a great way to add a bit of fun to your work conversations. Whatever your needs might be, you can customize your workspace with our simple how to create custom Slackbot responses. So let’s get started! 

create custom Slackbot responses in Slack
Add a bit of fun to your work conversations with custom Slackbot responses.

How to create custom Slackbot responses

Slack’s mission is to make work-life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. This is exactly why Slack offers a variety of options to customize your Slack account.

To begin with, open your Slack messenger, click the dropdown menu on your Slack account, and click customize Slack. This will take you to the website page, titled customize your workspace. Make sure you are signed in to your account in the browser. These settings are intended to help you make Slack your own. Here, you have three options to choose from, emoji, Slackbot, and loading messages. Choose the emoji tab. Choose the Slackbot tab.

Create custom Slackbot responses

If you’re familiar with Slack, you might have seen this feature. If not, if you type in certain words into the chatbox, sometimes Slackbot will come up with a response. This where you can add new responses. For example, when someone says “See you” Slackbot can respond by saying “Have a great day!” 

Tips for custom Slackbot responses

You can separate multiple input phrases with commas. For example: bye, see ya, later. After you’ve finished writing in your input messages and custom Slackbot responses, click save response.

You can choose more than one response, which means Slackbot will randomize the response each time. You can add as many Slackbot responses as you’d like, just make sure they’re written on separate lines. For example: Enjoy your night. Bye-bye. Chow!

how to create custom Slackbot responses
When you add more than one response, Slackbot will randomize the response each time.

Custom Slackbot responses in Slack messenger

Now, if you go back into Slack messenger and send a message that includes any of the input messages, such as “I hope you have a great night. See you tomorrow!” Slackbot will respond with one of the randomized responses.  

Disclaimer: use this feature sparingly as overusing it may annoy your coworkers, or derail serious conversations. Now that you know how how to create custom Slackbot responses, you can start adding in some of your own. 

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