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Welcome to the magical world of the internet with CloudApp’s, How to Use the Internet series. Today, we’re going to share with you one of the most important lessons - how to create a cat GIF! For all you cat lovers, we know that it’s paw-istively essential to turn all those purr-fect cat moments you’ve captured on video to create cat GIF after cat GIF for the world to adore. 

Whether you want to create cat gif or cat GIFs of your majestic and graceful cat, or share the endless joy of your zany and clumsy furball, we’ve got covered. 

If you’ve never made a GIF or Meme, we’ll show you just how simple it can be. As demoed in our how to create a cat GIF tutorial, made in honor of International Cat Day, here is our step by step process to create a cat GIF with CloudApp

Get ready to create a cat GIF with CloudApp Source: Ready Lets Go GIF By Leroy Patterson

Step by step: how to create a gif of cat video with CloudApp

  1. Choose your video

If you’re a cat owner, it’s safe to say you probably have an endless supply of amazing cat videos to choose from. So step one is to select just the right video that perfectly captures your cat in all his or her glory, and turn that video into a GIF. 

  1. Create cat GIF 

Once you’ve chosen the video. Open up the video file on your computer, and press play on the video. From here, you’re going to do your shortcut to make the actual GIF. Alternatively, you can click on CloudApp cloud icon in the top righthand corner of your toolbar.  

ow to create a gif of cat video with CloudApp
Turn your best cat video into the ultimate cat GIF
  1. Turning your cat video into a cat GIF

At this point, you’ll notice a small green button that says “start” under your cat video file. Before you press the “start” button, make sure that you’re on the GIF setting and not HD. If that looks to be the case, simply press the “start” button to let it play. 

  1. How to create a cat GIF, success!

Success! Your cat video will play all the way through, and automatically end on its own. By the end of the video, you will successfully have created your very first GIF with CloudApp that can be shared and will undoubtedly bring joy to all that receive it. 

how to create a cat gif
Create and share your best cat GIFs Source: Galia Jovanovic

Although we’re all for encouraging the creation and sharing of cat GIFs (because what brings a person more joy than cat GIFs?) this step by step can be applied to any and all GIFs. So get creating with CloudApp and share your glorious creations with the world! If you’ve enjoyed our tutorial on how to create a cat GIF with CloudApp, check out the rest of our How to Use the Internet series. This YouTube series of short video demonstrations are designed to teach users various online skills, like creating GIFs, setting up social media accounts, and more. 

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