How to Use the Internet

Watch our videos on how to start really using the Internet.

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Did you know that nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day? Email remains the top communication tool that we use in this day and age. From connecting with customer support representatives to sharing vital business information with our colleagues, it plays a huge role in our everyday lives. 

How to Create a Gmail Account

If you want to become a “Gmail-er”, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Type in on your web browser. Click on Create an Account.

Step #2: Create your username and password.

Step #3: Fill out the security form.

Step #4: Go through Privacy and Terms.

Now you are all set! If you enjoyed watching our video tutorial, make sure to check out our How to Use the Internet Series. We will teach you how to block ads on Chrome, check your site speed, turn on dark mode on Mac, etc.

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