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How often have you missed an email or heard someone else say they didn’t receive an email because it’s gone to their spam folder? We hear it all the time, and it can be a huge hassle and inconvenience if you’re missing important emails. If you’ve already got a lot going on, or you communicate primarily through emails, you’re more likely to forget to check your spam folder, and things can quickly get lost in the shuffle. If this sounds like you, keep reading for some simple tricks and tips for how to easily check spam folder in Gmail. 

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how to easily check spam folder in Gmail
Tips for how to easily check spam folder in Gmail. Source:

How to check Gmail spam inbox

For the most part, Gmail’s spam filters are great at filtering out unwanted emails, but occasionally a legitimate email will be sent straight to your spam folder. But how often do you check your spam folder? If you’re like most people, probably not often. It’s a good idea to check your spam folder regularly, but since your spam folder does not typically show up in your list of options in your Gmail account, it’s easy to forget. To make it visible, you need to update your spam folder settings. So first things first:

How to update spam folder settings in Gmail

In the right-hand corner of your Gmail, there are a number of icons, including a small gear. When you click this gear icon, it’ll populate a drop-down menu with a list of options. Click on the “settings” option to go to your Gmail settings. 

 how to update spam folder settings in Gmail
Update your spam folder settings to make it visible.

Navigating your Gmail settings

After you click the settings, a form will pop up with a variety of options along the top. Click “labels”. Here you will see a list of all of your Gmail folders including inbox, important, sent, drafts and so forth. 

How to check Gmail spam inbox preferences and settings

Near the bottom of the list, you’ll see “spam”. This is the crucial step in our how to update spam folder settings in Gmail, and in preventing more emails from slipping through the cracks. If Next to the label spam, you have three options: show, hide, or show if unread. We suggest choosing the last option. This is also a great option for other folders including drafts and scheduled emails. 

how to check Gmail spam inbox
Prevent emails from getting lost in your spam folder

Once you’ve completed the steps, the days of missing emails should hopefully be long past! Any time you receive an email that’s been detected as spam, your spam folder will appear. Hopefully, this will prompt you to remember how to easily check spam folder in Gmail, and catch any legitimate emails. 

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