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Microsoft’s Office 365 gives you the option to save and access files offline, allowing you to edit anything from anywhere. While, at first, it may seem that Google does not offer this tool with Google Drive, in a few steps you can actually edit and save files offline. What’s more compelling is that the next time your device syncs with the internet, your updates on your offline file will be applied automatically. When users need to access and work on their files while travelling or when there is low connectivity, Google Drive is accessible on all devices allowing anyone to create, edit, and comment on Docs, Sheets, or Slides files. This feature that was just released last year on all operating software increases productivity when offline without the need of an extension. 

How to Use Google Drive Files Offline 

To learn how exactly to work offline on Google Drive file, follow the steps down below. 

  1. Click File and “Make Available Offline” 

  1. Click “Turn On” 

  1. You must reload the browser in order to allow offline editing. 

This is a great, easy tool to have when you want to increase your productivity even if you can’t control the internet connection around you. Because Google’s platforms are heavily reliant on internet connection, this tool is extremely helpful to those without stable internet connection or those who do not have a license to Office 365. All your files will be accessible in your Google Drive and you can create and work on personal documents, worksheets, and presentations even without internet connection. 

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