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“Forcing a frozen application to quit is the same as killing the symptoms when we get sick versus curing the virus. We need to see the bigger picture and understand what causes the problem and how to cure it while understanding how to avoid it from happening again.” 

Frozen applications on your Mac are extremely common. The most common reason that users force quit their Mac is because the ration of RAM to the number of applications you usually open is lopsided. Every time your system utilizes all of its resources to perform a function, It freezes up and becomes unresponsive. On the contrary, the more space and memory you have to work with, the easier it is to run multiple applications at once. 

There are multiple ways to Force Quit your Mac but make sure you know the downsides before doing so. When an application is stuck, make sure you look out for the Not Responding note that indicates that it is time to force quit. 

Adhere the steps down below to learn how exactly you can force quit your Mac. 

How to Force Quit an App on Mac

Step #1: Keep the application that you want to quit open. Simultaneously, press Option + Command + Esc on your keyboard 

Step #2: Click Force Quit 

Another way you can use the force quit tool: 

Step #1: Right click on the application and click Quit 

And there you have it! Force quitting certain applications on your Mac is extremely easy and takes little to no time. It is important that you know what exactly you are quitting out of because oftentimes, users end up losing files and data. 

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