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Twitter is a growing social media platform. With most accounts having over 100 followers with different levels of activity, it is extremely hard to stay up-to-date with every post and message in your feed. 

Insert Twitter Lists. They make your life easier. Twitter lists are an easy way to organize different accounts of Twitter. Twitter lists have eased the pain for adamant Twitter users trying to manage several accounts. With each Twitter list, you can keep track of other accounts without the need to follow them. For example, you can peruse the feed of Twitter fanatics such as Donald Trump and Elon Musk in one list while also keeping track of the best deals from your favorite companies in another Twitter list. In fact, Twitter has emerged as a great platform to pitch to potential clients, watch competitors, and network with people. 

In a few, simple steps, you will be able to create multiple Twitter lists to organize your platform and be able to use Twitter effectively. While reorganizing your Twitter just for this one feature may be a headache, it is a great way to never miss an important tweet. As demoed in our How to Use the Internet Series: How to Create a Twitter List, here is your step by step process organizing your Twitter.

How to Create a Twitter List

To Create a List: 

  1. Open Twitter
  2. On the left sidebar, click “Lists” 
  3. Click “Create a List” 
  1. Name the list, Add a description, Change Privacy Settings 
  2. Click “Next” and Search for People you want to add to your list

And there you have it! Creating a Twitter List will help you create more streamline content and see what you want to see when you go on Twitter. Never miss another tweet and stay updated on the social media platform. To stay organized, feel free to create multiple lists and add whoever you want to them without actually following them.  

Want to learn more daily tips and lifeskills? Check out the rest of our How to Use the Internet Series. This Youtube series of short video demonstrations are designed to teach users various online skills through visual storytelling, like deleting your Facebook account, ordering groceries online, and more.

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