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While Instagram has been around for quite some time, the social media giant that was just acquired by Facebook has slowly been picking up traction and currently boasts over 1 billion monthly users. Similar to most social media platforms, Instagram gives users the ability to customize their profile and their news feed. When creating an account and customizing your profile it’s always great to add your name, photo, and bio. This allows for other people to follow you and know a little bit about you. 

Instagram is a multi-purpose tool that helps everyone from influencers to companies connect on a more personal level. While some people choose to show their daily workout routine, others use it as a marketing tool to reach millions of followers. If you don’t want to be left behind by this breathtaking platform, create an account today! 

How to Create Your Instagram Account

  1. Head to
  2. Fill out each of the credentials to create an account 
  3. Click Sign Up 
  4. Choose who to follow or even search up usernames 

Creating your instagram account takes little to no time at all! Make sure you customize your account to fit your likings and make sure that you stay active to get all the latest updates in whatever you are interested in. Whether you use the app to follow friends or grow your brand, creating an Instagram account will help you stay in touch with the outside world. 

Want to learn more daily tips and lifeskills? Check out the rest of our How to Use the Internet Series. This Youtube series of short video demonstrations are designed to teach users various online skills through visual storytelling, like snoozing notifications, setting your availability, and creating a custom emoji!

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