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Converting Word Documents into PDFs is an extremely beneficial tool that serves multiple purposes. Word documents often aren’t accessible to everyone while PDFs are easy to open and accessible from any device at any time. 

So why should you do this? Well here are 5 good reasons:

  1. Word Automatically Reformats Documents - When you open a Word Document on another computer, your document is automatically reformatted when opened. Even worse, when you use the same computer, but add a new printer, your time and effort spent on formatting was all for nothing. Converting your .doc file into a .pdf allows you to keep the formatting no matter the computer or printer. 
  2. Your References - When you open a Word Document on another computer, your Table of Contents and References becomes a mess. Page numbers oftentimes change in long documents and converting your document into a PDF prevents this from happening. 
  3. Versions of Word - Microsoft Word is always being updated year-to-year. Old versions of Word cannot open properly in new versions. A 2010 document isn’t compatible with a 2020 document, for example. Switching the document to a PDF removes this from the equation. 
  4. Accessibility - Not everyone has Microsoft Word and Office 365. .pdf is a more universal file extension that is accessible via a number of software. 
  5. Mobile Device-Friendly - With smartphones and tablets slowly encroaching on the laptop market, PDF files are always accessible on mobile devices, whereas the same is not said about Microsoft Word files. Word files require special apps that cost money and are not supported by Microsoft. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to convert your Word Document into a PDF on a Mac. 

How to Convert a Word Document to PDF on Mac 

Step #1: On your Word Document, click File -- Save As

Step #2: Change the File Format to PDF and click Export 

Well, clearly, it is extremely easy and important that you turn your files into PDFs. To create an easy-to-use, accessible file, follow the steps above. A PDF file not only brings you advantages with your work, but it increases your efficiency when sending files and avoids the back and forth emails when a file is unable to be opened. You can guarantee that the recipient of your file will always be able to open your file if you send it as a PDF. 

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