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With over 30 primary languages offered on a Mac, changing the language to fit your language preferences has never been easier. 

While the language where you brought your Mac is already set, you can simply configure the settings in a way that allows you to have multiple languages on your computer at any time. Changing the primary language on your computer also allows you to change the keyboard input layout. Macs have proven to be extremely useful when using special characters for the language of your choice.  

In an extremely self explanatory way, changing the primary language and region on your new Mac is simple, so follow the steps down below. 

How Change the Primary Language on a Mac 

Step #1: Open System Preferences and click on Language and Region 

Step #2: Click the Plus icon and add the language of your preference 

Step #3: Pick the Primary Language 

Changing the primary language is extremely easy on your Mac. In a few simple steps, your entire computer can be configured to the language of your choice. Revisit these same steps to remove a language from your Mac or change your primary language again. These steps are universal across all Macs and adding languages to your Mac is an easy way to talk with family and friends that don’t use English as their primary language. 

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